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Warning sudden loud sounds and camera movements

Bp had known Az most of their lives - some 100 years by the earth reckoning.  While their culture did not recognize any sort of bond between individuals, occasionally two would become what would best be called... friends.   They had gone through training together and had occasionally served together.  Bp wondered what it would be like to see this friend, in a completely different form.

Bp heard RD1 returning from its survey; now the process would begin. The Requirements stated that two RingDrones must be present to observe and record.  Commander Çz would operate the TransMogrifier™ and the "old-timer", Dn, would act as Scanner Tech.  Only Bp was redundant in this operation.  There was nothing to do but watch and hope that Çz was still fully functional after the wormhole fiasco.

Bp knew little about the target species except that they were likely of the anthroloid line and thus possibly, distantly related (the mission would determine that), they were somewhat larger, and...  they had gender.   Bp's species had eliminated gender, as well as aggression, in the Great Change, over two thousand years before.  

The Volumetric Phase seemed to go well, but Bp reacted with a jolt as the Internal Reconfiguration Phase started; Az seemed to be in tremendous pain, which was the expectation.

The Skinning Phase went well, as did the External Reconfiguration Phase.  Az even seemed to enjoy it. She also seemed intrigued, even pleased with the new form.  To Bp, Az now looked to be lumbering and soft.  The skin looked like one could poke their finger through it, and how did the joints support all that mass?  Could they actually walk?  And what was that fibrous mass coming from the head?  Some sort of sensing apparatus? Bp found this new form moderately repulsive.

But not for long; the Requirements were clear that the form could not be finalized until a reversion check was done.  That went well and Dn's scanner found no problems.  The process could begin again, this time at an accelerated pace.

Az's next action was confusing; turning away from the Operator?  Why?  Then Bp realized, Az wanted to

The Finalization seemed to stimulate Az's body, and she seemed to almost loose consciousness.   It was starting to be clear that Az was becoming more and more pleased with this new body.  Bp still thought it just looked lumpy and so...
pink.  And those weird eyes... what would it be like to have others know where you were looking?


There seemed to be something interesting about the form.  Bp wondered if it could be some genetic predisposition that had evaded the scanning algorithms through the centuries.  

The saucer test would be next; could Az pilot the craft in this larger form?  Could she even fit inside?

While considering this,  Bp noticed Çz glancing back at the console.  This was going to be an interesting mission, especially when Bp's turn came.

Here's the next POV in the sequence, this time Bp's point of view.  I considered using the version with the body suit, but...  this was always intended to be one of the more interesting views. 

This one might work well as an anaglyph 3D - the SBS version on my 3D TV looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.   I might try doing a version that can be viewed on an Oculus Rift or some other 3D method.   If there's interest, let me know.
radaVid Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Student Artist
:wow: love the detail and the subjects
facial expressions. almost seems to
like new body and showing 'friend'.
phraught Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!   Yeah - I was pretty happy with the expressions, glad you liked them!
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May 21, 2016
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